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We specialize in IT Security since 2010. Besides advanced scans, pentesting and security audits, we can also offer support in case of data leaks or serious IT incidents.
Our proactive, personal and transparent approach is typical for our service. A service oriented approach is in our blood; this will create success as well as job satisfaction.

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It is every company’s nightmare; unauthorized manipulation of data and confidential information falling into the hands of criminals. The latter has become a serious issue in the last few years. New methods are being found to break into your systems, with all the potential damages to your company. Even though your IT Security may be fully or partially contracted out to third parties, it is important to stay alert.

Are you wondering if your IT Security is really in order? We can help.


You have a website and/or web shop and security is a must. But you don’t want to worry about it. Let us check your site for security. Quick, simple and without any major investments.


U bent zich bewust van het belang van online security. Uw klanten mogen daarom een veilige website van u verwachten. Onze security scan kunnen daarbij helpen.


By combining automated scanners with a thorough manual check we will search through your web applications and networks accurately for possible security risks.

security audits

Wilt u weten of uw huidige werkwijze volledig binnen de kaders van de privacywetgeving (AVG) plaatsvindt, dan kunnen wij dit voor u toetsen door een audit uit te voeren.


Forus-P is very practical and can help with the thought process in a constructive manner. This way not only the best, but also the most efficient result can be reached. This will ensure a pleasant cooperation.

Lisette Chew-Meij

Director of privacy, ICTRecht

Service packages

You have your IT Security in order as much as possible. But you are still worried about confidential information falling into the wrong hands. Our specially composed service packages might offer you a solution. In case of a data leak or serious IT incident we can act quickly.

Do you have specific needs and don’t see them in any of our total packages?
No problem, we also offer custom services!

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Wanneer een website ons Forus-P Secure logo voert, weet u dat deze regelmatig op meer dan 100 veiligheidsrisico’s wordt getest, inclusief Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) en SQL injections. Ook worden onmiddelijk maatregelen genomen als er gevaarlijke kwetsbaarheden zijn gevonden.

Wilt u ook ons logo op uw website? Vraag gerust naar de voorwaarden.

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