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Our family business has specialised in cyber security since 2010. We perform advanced security scans, thorough pentests and security audits on at least 2500 different applications. With this we try to prevent data leaks and serious IT incidents. We have a pleasant and close-knit team, which translates into fun at work and good service to our clients. Our personal and transparent approach ensures that our customers know where they stand.

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Unfortunately, more and more companies are faced with cybercrime. From small, relatively harmless hacks to large data leaks. Hackers are constantly looking for weak spots in web applications. Our team is ready to track these down so that they can be addressed.


Forus-P is very practical and can help the thought process in a constructive manner. This way not only the best, but also the most efficient result can be reached. This will ensure a pleasant cooperation.
Lisette Meij

Director Privacy Verified, ICTRecht

Security Scans for Website owners

A secure website or webshop is a must for online business. Otherwise, it can have major consequences for both the business owner and the affected consumer. With our security scan we can test the site quickly, easily and without major investments.


By combining automated scanners with thorough manual checks, we search web applications and networks for possible security risks. Techniques are used as a hacker would to gain unauthorized access.

Security Scans for Developers

When developing a website and/or webshop, it is important to take security seriously. Every one of your clients should expect a secure website. Our security scans can certainly help with that.

Security Audits

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) individuals have privacy rights in relation to the processing of personal data. Our technical and legal audit clarities whether this is processed correctly within your organisation.

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When a website or webshop carries the ForusP Secure logo, its security is regularly tested by us and measures are taken immediately if dangerous vulnerabilities are found.

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