Our story

Forus-P started developing web applications in 1991 under the direction of founder Robert van Manen. Because the media started to pay more attention to secure web applications, we decided to specialise in Cyber ​​Security. From 2010 on, we have been performing highly advanced, thorough web application scans and penetration tests, among other things. As of January 1, 2021, Robert van Manen passed the torch to his daughter Eveline van Manen and bonus daughter Dafna Peters. They will continue the company full of enthusiasm.

Who are we?

“My background is in online marketing and communication, working at LeasePlan for a total of 16 years. That’s where I came into contact with developing websites and intranet, which increased my interest in IT. I have been involved with Forus-P for years now. My father’s enthusiasm about cyber ​​security became contagious, quickly increasing my responsibility within the company. My biggest challenge? Managing a company in The Netherlands from my hometown in Ireland. “

Eveline van Manen

“I have always had a passion for computers and everything related to IT. After my studies, I immediately started working at Capgemini as a software developer. From there, I continued to find new challenges in interesting roles, which included software engineer, team leader and project manager. I got to work on many projects and worked with lots of different clients. After a break in my career to take care of my children, the search for a new challenge began…”

Dafna Peters

Joining forces

Dafna: The job opening at Forus-P was interesting, but after my job interview with Eveline, it was very clear to me that this was my home!

Eveline: There was an immediate click between us and Dafna was the missing piece we still needed. She had just that extra bit of technical knowledge that I lacked and she would be able to manage the company on location. My father also thought it was a perfect fit!

Dafna: Working together was easy from the start and even though we had only just met, we became friends almost immediately and complemented each other seamlessly.

Eveline: Dafna quickly became part of the family. A best friend / sister to me and a bonus daughter to my father. So when he wanted to make plans for his retirement, we had no doubts: Dafna and I were going to continue the company together!

"Our proactive approach ensures that clients always know the status of their web application. This helps our clients to stay one step ahead of hackers."

Eveline van Manen

“We combine highly specialised knowledge of in-depth web application scans with extensive pentesting. A total package.”

Dafna Peters

"We prepare each scan thoroughly and manually. Together with a critical check after each scan, this ensures the most reliable result possible."

Evy Stevens
Cyber Security Support Hero

"As a global expert in web application scans, we combine excellent automated software with manual tweaks and checks."

Ruth Williams
Cyber Security Support Hero

"With permission we break into web applications and try to detect security issues that can be abused. Our findings are shared in a secured report."

Adam Cornelissen
Certified Ethical Hacker

"With our product range, we keep thousands of web applications safe. In consultation with the client, we discuss the desired goal in advance."

Our pool of hackers

Meet our experts

Keeping up to date in this field is a challenge, because developments are constant. Forus-P follows closely and works with highly skilled people who are used to working with the latest techniques. We are a knowledgeable, experienced and above all enthusiastic team of experts.

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