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What we do and how we do it
We will do everything we can to increase the online security for your organisation without a large investment of time on your part. Our team has all the expertise necessary to make sure your company will become and remain safe in Cyber Security!

We also think a good collaboration with our customers and partners is very important And if something happens we can act quickly!

Our story

Forus-P bv was founded in 1991 and has been an Cyber Security specialist since 2010. Before our focus shifted to Cyber Security, founder Robert van Manen focused on several IT aspects including speech software and developing web applications. Robert worked as International Customer Service Director for Prime Computer in Boston, USA, and has worked in several Service Management positions in The Netherlands. The common denominator has always been: to provide optimal service and take care of any worries customers and clients might have. This attitude is still present in the current Forus-P team: Our customer comes first.

The focus on Cyber Security started in 2009. Forus-P was mainly developing web applications at that point. Within one month multiple customers asked if the applications were safe enough. A good question, because the media was picking up on unsafe websites, malware and phishing. We started focusing on web application security. Because no organisation is the same, we offer several possibilities. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us!

Team Forus-P

"For our company we select talented professionals, who can work independently and have the right customer oriented attitude."

Robert van Manen

"Our unique package of services combined with our proactive and personal approach makes sure we can take away our customers' worries."

Eveline van Manen
Managing Director

“We combine a high level of service with our extensive packages and knowledge of cyber security.”

Dafna Peters
Chief Operating Officer

"With our Web Application Scan we can test your website for the most common hacker attacks and we will advise you what improvements are necessary."

Evy Stevens
Cybersecurity Support Hero

"Our security scans help keep thousands of websites safe. We supervise the entire process, from preparation to result."

Daisy van der Zwart
Cybersecurity Support Hero

Meet our experts

Staying up to date in this field is a challenge, because developments are constant. Forus-P keeps track of this and works with highly skilled people who are used to working with the latest technologies. Our team has all the necessary skills.

Our partners

Our ultimate goal is to make the internet a safer place. Because no organization is the same, we offer several possibilities. We collaborate with several experts for this purpose.


We have been working together with Thuiswinkel.org since 2011. We scan all web shops of the Thuiswinkel.org members. When a website is secure, a customer can join Thuiswinkel.org and use the Forus-P Secure logo on their website.



In 2015 we started working together with BeCommerce. We scan all member web shops for this Belgian home shopping organization. When a website is safe, a customer can join BeCommerce and use the Forus-P Secure logo on their website.



Since 2018 we have been working with our partner ICTRecht. They offer expert and practical legal advice for IT and privacy. By joining forces with them you can be sure to get both legal and technical support for your companies’ security.



Do you need a legal document such as a GDPR Data Processing Agreement or a pentest safeguard? By filling out a simple questionnaire a custom document will be generated for you. You will receive this in your mailbox within minutes!


We are ready for you!

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us. On business days we will respond within 24 hours!

We will only use your personal information for the intended purpose. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

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