By using our proactive tracking methods we can prevent a hacker from gaining access to personal data or abuse security issues to cause harm to your customers. Our advanced scans will help find vulnerabilities in your web application. When vulnerabilities are found, our detailed feedback will help you make everything safe again.


Put our hacker to work

During our extensive pentest will try to find dangerous vulnerabilities in a web application. Techniques are used, such as a hacker would use with the aim of gaining unauthorized access. Please ask about the possibilities.


We perform over 5.000 security scans per year. We check over 900 vulnerabilities,  including the OWASP Top 10 list. After each scan we send you a detailed report. Because new vulnerabilities are constantly added to our scanner, it is important to check your web application regularly. With our knowledge and expertise, we make this complicated process very clear.


You have your own web application and security is something you do not want to worry about. With our security scans you can be sure you are offering your customers a safe online environment. Even the smallest changes can cause security risks. This is why we advise to perform scans at least once a month.

APP owner?

It is important to protect and secure your apps. Less secure apps can make it easier for hackers to get in to your clients’ account. Our security scan can report if and where vulnerabilities are found. A single scan is a good starting point, but if your app changes often we recommend our periodic scans.


As a professional web developer you strive for an optimally functioning web application. Our advanced scans will help find vulnerabilities in your web application. During the different phases of development, we advise you to check the security. Our security scan assures your customers that you are delivering safe web applications.


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