For our pentest (penetration test) we perform advanced automated Web Application and Network scans, as well as thorough manual checks. We use techniques similar to what a hacker would use to gain unauthorised access. The result will tell you if your web application offers sufficient protection against the risks in the OWASP Top10.

Our process

During the pentest, our hacker will try to find vulnerabilities. If serious vulnerabilities are discovered, we will report this immediately so that you can address it quickly. The final results are included in an extensive report. Is a retest needed? Then we can process the new results in the original report.

Phase 1: Assessment

First we carefully map out all parts of the web application in order to estimate the number of days needed for the pentest. We start with our automated security scans with which we search for  security issues. These are generally found where user interaction takes place.


Phase 2: Pentest

The web application is tested (externally) for common design, configuration and programming errors, with maximum attention for the security issues from the OWASP Top 10. In addition to the scans, extensive manual checks are also carried out on parts that are known to be abused by hackers.



Phase 3: Reporting

The pentest report gives a clear overview of findings and recommendations with which you can get started immediately. If any problems and vulnerabilities are resolved, we can perform a retest if desired. The results are then added to the original report.

Our work method


Before a pentest can be carried out, an extensive assessment of the agreed web application takes place.


Depending on the size and complexity of the web application, we will need approximately 5 days to perform the pentest.


Upon completion you will receive a secured report with possible actions to improve the security of your web application.


To maintain a secure web application after the pen test, we offer a discount on our Gold package with periodic scans.

Our Price

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