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Security Scans

By using our proactive tracking methods we can prevent a hacker from gaining access to personal data and prevent damage to your website or webshop. We use advanced scans to find vulnerabilities. If any problems exist we will work together with you to make sure all leaks are fixed quickly.

Secure your website without any large investments

We perform over 4.000 security scans a year. Over 300 scripts are being used to find the most dangerous vulnerabilities according to the OWASP Top 10. New vulnerabilities are constantly being added to our scanner database. Therefore it’s important to keep your website safe.

Let us test the security for your web environment simply, quickly and without large investments!

Are you a website owner?

You have your own website and/or webshop. Security is a must for you and you don’t want to worry about it. But you also want your customers to trust that security is handled properly and they are not at risk when they make a payment. With our security scans you can be sure you are offering your customers a safe online environment.

Are you a website developer?

You strive to have an optimally working website and/or webshop that can be used by your customers for their goals. As a professional web developer you believe offering online security is at least as important. With our security scan you can assure your customers that you are turning over a secure web application.


Does your website use safe internet standards?

Using reliable standards helps improve security and consumer trust. Is your website connection sufficiently secure (https/TLS (SSL)), is your domain name signed (DNSSEC) and are the secure e-mail standards DMARC, DKIM, SPF and (start)TLS set up?


Would you prefer to offer your customers optimal IT-security?

Our specially composed service packages may offer a solution for you. We are happy to assist you in assessing the risks in your internet environment, performing a pentest and communicate with legal departments. And in case of a data leak or major IT incident we can help quickly.

Our work method

Scan announcement

Before a scan is carried out, we indicate what preparations are needed. You may always request a specific date and/or start time. We can start a scan 24/7

Scan execution

A website or webshop will be tested extensively for vulnerabilities during the scan. The scan can take up to a maximum of 25 hours. Possible high risk vulnerabilities can be checked manually.

Report with results

After the scan we will send a secured report. In this report we will explain which vulnerabilities have been found and which actions can be taken to improve your website security.

Possible rescan

If any high risk results are reported, we urge you to fix these as soon as possible. We will do a rescan after that, until the website is safe.

Our Prices

For website owners

Other frequencies are possible. Ask about the possibilities.

For website developers

Curious about our services?

Would you like more information about our security scans or any of our other services? Fill out your details and we will contact you within 24 hours on business days.

We will only use your personal information for the intended purpose. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

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