Our security scan determines whether your web application / website / web shop is safe or not. Every scan will show you if and where vulnerabilities are found.

Our licences are based on a number of scans per year. Choose a licence that suits you best or contact us for further advice.

Our pentests

Put our hacker to work

During our extensive pentest our hacker will try to find vulnerabilities. We use techniques a hacker would use with the aim of gaining unauthorized access. Please ask about the possibilities.

Our security scans

Our scanner checks a web application for dangerous vulnerabilities, including those from the OWASP Top 10 list, such as Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injections. If present, we also check the login and/or subdomain(s).

Single scan

We can perform a single security scan for only 199 euro. We carefully prepare the scan and afterwards you will receive the results via a secured report in PDF format. A (re)scan after solving high risks is highly recommended and costs 150 euro. Fill out the form below to request a scan.

Periodic scans

We always recommend checking a web application regularly for dangerous vulnerabilities. For this we offer licences with quarterly, 2-monthly, monthly and weekly scans. This way, the web application is closely monitored throughout the year.

Combination pentest

Do you also prefer a manual check? Within our Gold licence we combine our monthly or weekly scans with our extensive penetration test. This manual test takes five days and may be performed within the year of the licence.

Our work method

Preparing for scan

Before a scan is performed, we will inform you of the necessary preparations. A preference for a start date and/or time may always be given. We can start at any moment when it suits.

Execution of scan

During our scan a web application is tested thoroughly for dangerous vulnerabilities, also behind the login, if present. A scan can take up to 25 hours to complete, after which we manually check if all tests were completed.

Report with results

After each scan we will send you a secured report, which shows you which and where vulnerabilities have been found, if any. That will help you take action to improve the security of your web application.

Possible re-scan

We will always advise you to at least fix the high risk vulnerabilities as soon as possible. We can perform a re-scan upon request to check whether the issues have been resolved.

Our Prices

Prices per URL per year, excl. VAT

Thuiswinkel deal

The Thuiswinkel Waarborg trustmark is the best known and highest quality trustmark for online stores that sell to consumers. All members of go through a thorough certification process every year, consisting of a legal check, financial monitoring and our security scan.

20% discount on monthly scans


Hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in websites and new vulnerabilities are constantly being added. To ensure that your website remains protected against cyber attacks all year round, Forus-P offers monthly security scans with a 20% discount, especially for Thuiswinkel members. This means that your website is checked much more often and on many more vulnerabilities.

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The Thuiswinkel Waarborg trustmark ensures more satisfied customers. Do you want to be a certified and reliable e-retailer and boost your conversion rate? Then join and enjoy the many benefits.

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